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Traniece Williams is the owner, CEO and Head Concierge of Girl on the Go Lifestyle Management. People's time is a precious commodity, and she founded her company in an effort to give as much back to her clients as possible. 

From a young age, Traniece has been an aspiring entrepreneur and focused on learning the foundations of running a business. When other kids were shopping with their friends, she was learning how to balance bank accounts and type memos.

Her professional background began in customer service working for companies like Maserati, PS&EG, and AT&T. Throughout her time she came to learn one thing — when helping customers no two people can be treated the same.

Learning these values early on created what Traniece calls a "get it done" approach to problem-solving. No issue is too complicated or too much - she'll get it done. She is self-reliant, dedicated, passionate, detail-oriented, easy communicate with, patient and puts all of those qualities to use serving her clients.

She thrived so much with the personalized approach of interacting and helping people that she decided to build a business around it.

Girl on the Go came out of Traniece's can-do attitude. It all started with working to make life simpler for her friends and family. In 2016 she earned The Concierge Entrepreneur Certificate of Excellence, and then expanded to business partners, and in 2017 she grew it into a business.

In addition to her experience as a concierge, she is also a notary and has trained to further her knowledge in the concierge field through the training program at Triangle Concierge.

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